Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a look at these Frequently Asked Questions for more information about adding an efficient supplement to boost your existing advertising strategies!

How does this work with my existing advertising?

Once we have your shirt live on an private purchasing page, you have two options:

1. You can use the link we provide you with inside your digital campaigns.

2. You can use the QR Code we provide you with in conjunction with images of the shirt on your traditional direct mailers.

Where else can I use your EZ Promo Tees for my business?

The possibilities are endless. Offer special promotions on a flyer on your tables, incorporate a QR on menus or special documents, hang a t-shirt on the wall with QR Code to allow other customers to purchase quickly and easily.

You mention the businesses can earn a royalty?

Yes! We are happy to work with eligible businesses on our shared royalty program. Earn anywhere from $2 – 5.00 per shirt each time one of your promotional t-shirts sell, effectively helping to pay for your traditional advertising costs. Learn more by speaking with one of our lead generation experts!

Do we have to sign a commitment or contract?

Absolutely not! With EZ Promo Tees there is no commitment, no risk, and no hassle! We make on-demand promotions a breeze!

Who decides the promotional aspects of your t-shirt promos?

You do! All we do is provide you with an effective platform to provide on-demand t-shirt promotions. You and your internal marketing team decides the promotion itself, according to what’s best for your business.

How do my customers purchase the shirt/coupon?

Your shirt will be available on a private purchasing page. Your customers use their existing account and Amazon handles all fulfillment including secure transactions, shipping, returns and customer service. All you have to do is sit back and watch customers come into your store with your t-shirt on!

Do we have to own our artwork design?

Yes you do. In order to configure your t-shirt for sale, your design must be wholly owned by your business. We may ask you to fill out a simple content release form for any content we deem a copyright or trademark risk.

What fees are involved?

We charge a low flat rate to configure your design for printing and setup everything with There are no on-going costs and no costs associated with t-shirt inventory, shipping, returns or transactions. Quit anytime, no risk or commitment!
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