How & Why EZ Promo Tees Works for your Business

Explore how EZ Promo Tees can help you revolutionalize your traditional advertising through the power of

1. You Provide your Logo / Design to Us via Email or Dropbox

2. We take your Logo / Design and Create your Custom Branded T-shirt


3. We create a Private Link and a “QR” Code for the purchase of your branded t-shirt on

4. Your customer accesses the Private Link or Scans the QR Code with their Cell Phone in your existing Marketing Campaigns


5. Your Customer purchases your branded t-shirt coupon from

6. Customer wears the t-shirt with your graphic into your estblishment and receives the discount!


7. The T-shirt Coupon generates additional business, customer loyalty and creates a walking advertisement for your Brand.

The Benefits to your Business

Using EZ Promo Tees makes your exisitng marketing more effective. Here’s how!

T-shirt sizes available from Youth 4 to Men's 3XL at no extra charge


Secure & Trusted fulfillment by

Free Shipping with Amazon Prime for your Customers

No Inventory for you to Hold or Manage

T-shirt sizes available from Youth 4 to Men's 3XL at no extra charge

Works as an effective supplement to your existing advertising or Social Media campaigns.

No minimum orders, order from 1 to 10,000 t-shirts entirely on-demand

Customers become a walking advertisement for your business.

Best of all, Earn a Royalty from $2.00 - $5.00 on each t-shirt sold. Available for eligible businesses

Grow your business and customer loyalty with the Power of! EZ Promo Tees is the solution to revolutionize your marketing campaigns!

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